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Lotta + Susanne + Sarah-Julie = Atelier Dog

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Meet us

The Atelier Dog is based in France, founded in 2021 by Susanne R, an illustrator and art therapist and her daughter Sarah-Julie a creative director, designer, photographer and illustrator.

Their Fox Terrier, Lotta, constantly gives them new ideas and inspiration.

The desire to create and share something grew little by little to first be a dream, then become a real project. Every drawing reflects their love for animals -  sometimes on a humorous note.


It is important for us to focus on the highest quality materials available and to create the finest products. Everything is designed and printed in France. We founded the Atelier Dog with the idea of creating sustainable alternatives to mass-produced goods. Everyone knows that the big international corporations produce an enormous amount of waste, have long supply chains and use far too many raw materials. We wanted to make sure, that in everything we do, we keep the environment, local businesses and the artistic side in mind, without ever compromising on quality.


We are sure that you'll find something that you like and that our creations will help people to share

care and attention with those they love.

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Susanne creates hand-painted illustrations mostly all around dogs. 

As the daughter of an illustrator, I started drawing in my early childhood. So I made up stories and painted to go with them. For a long time I worked as a teacher and art therapist in adult education, but my dream has always been to work independently as an illustrator.



Sarah-Julie creates digitally painted illustrations with aesthetic color palettes.

I am a creative director working with illustration, photography and design. Beside drawing for the Atelier Dog, I also do the corporate identity and the photography.

I am getting inspired by nature and more precisely the ocean with its simple beauty.

I like to mix up my personal style as a designer with my dog illustrations.

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Lotta is their dog, model and muse.

She is the reason why Susanne and Sarah-Julie started illustrating dogs.

Let's be honest and look at her face...

Who wouldn't get inspired by her cuteness?

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