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Christmas gift ideas

Christmas is around the corner and we are already thinking about the best gifts for our loved ones.

Here are some ideas from our shop that any dog owner would love. :)


For the practical person

A tote bag is always something you will need into your life. This is the perfect gift for the person that says they don't need anything.

For the writer

Do you know anyone who loves to write ? Just grab a set of 10 cards for them !

For the accessories lover

We all know someone who loves accessories, who wears a lot of jewelry and has a bag charm ! Help them bring their beloved friend everywhere with a cute keychain :

Anyone will love stickers

Whether they slap it on their water bottle, phone case or cooler – we have a gift for everyone, making the perfect small gift :

For the cook

It's a lot more fun to cook while seeing cute dogs around you, and let's be honest, it wouldn't be original to gift someone who loves to cook utensils again. Let's buy them magnets instead


Don't know which book they might like this time ? Just gift them a lovely bookmark, they will always need one ;)

The creative friend

That friend that enjoys going to art galleries and who has always the nicest artistic stuff will love a hand-painted piece :

The one who loves to decorate their home

For our interior decorator we have some lovelies prints available to help them make their home unique :

For the difficult one

Who doesn't know someone who has everything you could think about or rarely likes what you get them ? But we got you a gift idea for them :

We hope we got you covered for Christmas, if you're still not sure, send us a message :

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