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Spring activities with your dog

If you're looking to get more active this spring, check out these spring activities you and your dog will enjoy doing together. If you don't want outdoor adventures, you can still do activities that you and your dog enjoy. Whether you're going for a walk, exploring a new area, spending time outdoors, or whatever, your dog will often be happy to do something with you.

We really welcome spring and can't wait to get back to all the fun activities we can do outdoors with our dogs.

Table of contents :

Go out for a walk or a hike

Now that it's finally warmed up, walking is a great springtime activity to do with your dog. Thus, spring is one of the best times to take your dog for a scenic walk. Walking your dog can be a great activity to warm up after a long winter, explore new places, and enjoy the outdoors.

Take them with you on a bike tour

There's no better way to get you and your dog moving than taking them on a hike or a walk. So consider taking your dog to a dog park where he can enjoy some much-needed off-leash time. For longer tours, take your bike !

Have a picnic

They are more likely to appreciate something new after spending some time with you. Your dog will enjoy the spring breeze when he sticks his head out the window, and you will enjoy a break from the daily routine. Since temperatures are usually mild in spring, you don't have to worry about your puppy getting too hot in the car.

If you love food and your dog loves food, you should definitely make a picnic a spring activity.

Play with a ball or toys in the sun

If you haven't had a chance to take your dog to the local park, it's time to get out and throw a tennis ball.

They will love doing sports with you

You could also enjoy any sports your are doing but with your dog. He/She will love it!

Have a dog meet-up

As long as your dog is properly socialized or you bond with the puppy, attending a dog meeting can be a great spring activity for you and your dog. Camping can be fun for dogs of all sizes and gives you both the opportunity to spend time hiking and exploring. Your dog will love beautiful scenery, running trails, climbing small boulders, and swimming in streams and rivers.

What's your favorite spring activity with your dog ? Let us know in the comments !

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